Having a passion for plastic models and all things relating to the hobby, started during my first year at high school where I attended my first model show. Seeing what was on display and how limited I was to what was out there, I began the journey to acquire these model kits.

The start was with mail order via fax, and been sent product catalogues in the post.

Most of my kits came from America, as I had now been exposed to a whole new world of products from tools, paint – accessories – it was all out there.

Over time, the internet popped up and the ordering of products become a whole lot easier.

The rand was pretty steady against the pound, zen and dollar, the kits rolled on in.

After been asked to purchase products for friends and other fellow models, the need became apparent that an eCommerce business was required and that’s where the bug bit me and MDF Models was born.

I have tried my hand at a range of deferent product lines, not all of them were successful.

Stick you what you know and work it. – It’s many moons later and much has changed out there in the modeling world. The products got better, manufactures where going out of their way to produce some of the best model kits for the hobbyists. The local model suppliers kept good stock of products and supporting the local folk kept the shelfs full and prices down.

Well, we here in 2020 – MDF Models is still operational – business will expand and contract due to economic climate of the country. Product stock selection is a bit more critical now.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the folks that have support the business over the last 25 years.

As long as there are products on the shelf – its’ business as usual.


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